Concrete and granite cutting:
1. Creating new floor/wall openings
2. Concrete and metal piling cutting
3. Tower crane footing cutting and removal
4. Building to building connector/elevator/staircase opening
5. Modification of beam and column of buildings
6. Creating opening for maintenance purposes etc

Coring works:
1. Concrete and granite coring
2. Coring works for mechanical and electrical work(M&E) purpose
3. Concrete testing
4. Concrete coring diameter up to 650 mm and depth up to 15 metres length
5. Ditch coring
6. Coring works for any other purpose can be done as per client’s request and specification

Repair Works:
1. Spalling concrete repair works
2. Column/Beam strengthening
3. Pressure grouting
4. Normal grouting
5. Honeycomb repairing
6. Concrete crack repairing
7. Alteration &Addition (A&A) Works for industrial/residential buildings
8. Concrete leakage sealing
9. Any other repair works will be carried out as per client’s request and specification

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